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Mazaya Qatar CEO participates in panel discussion at Arab Investment Summit 2011

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Doha,25 May 2011

Mazaya Qatar Real Estate Development Company (QSC) has wrapped up its participation in the Arab Investment Summit 2011, which drew to a close yesterday (Tuesday) at the Yas Island Rotana and Centro on Abu Dhabi’s Yas Island.

The Arab Investment Summit 2011, which ran from 23 to 24 May, presented investors with an opportunity to gain confidence and discover capital opportunities in a safe environment, as well as to meet and do business with over 300 investors, decision makers, and key role players in the regional market.

The Summit focused on strengthening the relationships between countries in order to promote new investments.

As part of Mazaya Qatar’s participation in this important event, company CEO Seraj Al Baker took part in a panel discussion on the second day of the summit, which examined ways of identifying which emerging country governments are open to business to ensure the best possible selection for investors. The panel included by Mohamad Sotoudeh, CEO of Essdar Capital, and moderated by Dr Ibrahim Al Hajari, Assistant Professor at the Petroleum Institute in Abu Dhabi.

Speakers stressed the importance of the government’s role in maintaining political stability as a major concern, as well as economic and investment stability. It was suggested that this could be achieved by updating investment tools in line with international developments and adopting transparency when setting investment requirements. Many countries enjoy vast economic resources and investment opportunities, but political unrest and economic instability discourage investors from entering these markets. Therefore, the governments of these countries must urgently consider taking action to boost the investment climate and keep pace with other countries that have managed to attract investors.

 Speaking of the panel and the points that were covered, Al Baker said, “The decision of which emerging country to invest in relies heavily on the processes and policies set by that country’s government, including licences, incentives and other government-driven practicalities that need to be incorporated into the decision. The panel discussion covered the role of public capital as a source of funding and decision making; cost and timeline forecasting for projects and private equity investments, and whether it is possible to account for all factors and variations; the top three markets with potential opportunities; and the top three economies with surmountable challenges – all very valuable information for potential investors looking at the Arab markets.”

On his company’s decision to participate in the Arab investment Summit 2011, Al Baker said, “Mazaya Qatar has a portfolio of important architectural and professional civil engineering projects and mega-projects in Qatar, and we are committed to making a difference in real estate development, to taking it beyond mere development into a quality business that will help enhance the company’s position on both the GCC and regional levels. We are also invested in highlighting the opportunities available to investors, both regional and foreign, in Qatar, as well as the GCC and the wider Middle East. Participation in events such as the Arab Investment Summit presents us with the perfect opportunity to do just that.”

2011 has seen Mazaya Qatar start to carry out its expansion plans while also completing its existing projects. The company’s impressive track record, strong financial position and signing of strategic long-term income guaranteed projects will help push the real estate sector towards recovery and create a brighter and more mature future.

Al Baker stressed the strategic importance of Qatar presently, and the multitude of investment opportunities in various sectors within the Qatari markets. He invited investors to speed up entering the Qatari market in order to benefit from these opportunities.

The GCC is currently in a perfect position to diversify away from oil and other traditional investments, with its booming economies, growing population and hydrocarbon wealth. The Arab Investment Summit gave those present the chance to discover non-traditional investment opportunities; to meet with over 200 of the biggest projects in the region; to leverage initiatives undertaken by the region’s governments to attract investments; to get to know new revenue streams for projects and how to acquire finance; to meet with business and government leaders to discuss major developments, challenges, and success stories in the area of investment in the Middle East; and to network with hundreds of investors from all over the world.

Fifteen powerful keynote sessions and four interactive panel discussions focused on various aspects of Middle East investment, which helped attending investors to understand the intricate dynamics of Middle East investment opportunities, and to identify hidden treasures.

Key topics included expansion of the capital markets to facilitate smooth flow of money; challenges faced by regional and foreign investors; public-private partnerships as a catalyst for sustainable development; leveraging existing investments and driving new investments; exploring financing options; oil and gas as key elements of Middle East growth; making the Middle East power sector attractive to private investors; creating more investment opportunities in the telecoms sector; analysing market trends and future investments in the Middle East communication market; attracting investment in the aviation sector; investment opportunities for infrastructure development in the Middle East; the investment potential in establishing commercial banks and financial institutions in the Middle East; and the real estate sector’s status as one of the greatest opportunities awaiting foreign investors


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