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Italian Bosa Jazz Singer, Cecilia launches “Papillon” in the Middle East

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Italian Bosa Jazz singer, Cecilia launches her debut album “Papillon”  in the Middle East across all music stores including Virgin stores, Music box and major hypermarkets like Geant and Carrefour. Cecilia is the voice that gives life to the album "Papillon", a refined soft latin / bossa record which highlights the artist's inner journey, this  album, a special edition for the region.

Papillon, a Latin Jazz Bossa album interpreted by one of the most captivating voices of the Italian music scene today:  Cecilia. This album distinguishes itself not only for the vocal interpretation but also by Cecilia's ability to express her real soul and inspirations through different languages (Italian, Brasilian, English, French and Spanish), bringing together in a melting pot different musical and social cultures. The album is produced by ONE E MUSIC, founded by Gianni Errera, and counts with various collaborations with well known musicians such as Alfredo Paixao (Artistic Director of Papillon), Ren Toledo, Otmaro Ruiz, Angelo Trabucco, Massimo Guerra and Israel Varela.

At 18 years old Cecilia moved to Los Angeles to follow one of the choreography gurus of that era: Alex Magno. Through the perfection and advice of Mr. Magno, Cecilia completed her early studies in the art of dance.  Later in life, Cecila crossed paths with the lyrical singer and teacher Vivian Hernandez, whom has had an important role in her life.

After intense months of studying and reciting, she was chosen to perform important roles in various theatre productions. This time, she had the opportunity to work beside names of a certain calibre such as Massimo Ranieri and Patroni Griffi. By the age of 20, Cecilia had accumulated a noted quantity of professional experience. Destiny still had another surprise packed in the bag. In 1994, Cecilia signed a record deal with BMG Records, and the CD single “BLA BLA”, from the album “Alta Tensione” reached the top of the Italian Music charts.  She was rewarded with the honor of being the opening act for one of the biggest stars in the music industry, Mr. Barry White.

After this amazing experience, Cecilia matured even more artistically, and decided to do some spiritual research in order to express her emotions through music.  The sound and the rhythm of South America flowed through her veins and soul and she gave life and passion to other albums. In 2005, she attended an important Latin- American Festival in Mexico City, where she was awarded for being the “Best Italian Interpreter ” outside of Italy.

This project is distinctive not only for the vocal interpretation, but also for its cosmopolitan value, sung in several languages ( Italian, Brazilian, English, French and Spanish), "Papillon" is a successful attempt to merge disparate cultures into a unique musical design.  In just 3 weeks time, her album “Papillon” charted in the US at the 26th spot in Jazz Weeks world music chart and charted in the 29th position in CMJ’s New world chart in just after one week.

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