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UAE market for luxury fragrances to be worth Dhs663.5m by 2014

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Ammar Atmeh, Owner, Montale Trade Mark and Montale International Design

The Top 5 perfumes will launch the 125ML soon in the market

Montale Perfumes posts 30% growth in Q1

UAE market for luxury fragrances to be worth Dhs663.5m by 2014

Montale Perfumes, founded by Ammar Atmeh announced that it posted 20 to 30 per cent growth in first quarter of 2011. where the UAE and the Middle East will become important market for Luxury fragrances.

Montale perfumes, ranked between the top 5 best seller perfumes in retail, include fragrances for men, women and unisex. The main components of which are precious sorts of trees, such as incense, aoud (agarwood), cedar, sandalwood and many other materials used by Arabian perfumers.

Montale perfumes are created from natural materials of high quality in large concentration, which makes it very intensive and long lasting. Aluminum bottles were created specially to protect the precious essences from light.

Commenting on the occasion, Ammar Atmeh, Owner, Montale Trade Mark and Montale International Design said: “We are very proud that Montale perfumes are becoming one of the top perfumes in the GCC region. The sharp improvement in sales of our businesses in the first quarter provides us with a solid platform to speed up revenue growth throughout the year and we are planning to surprise our audience through launching Montale Perfumes 125 ML soon in the market.”

Aoud is an aromatic resin; Oleoresin is a product of immunogical reaction of Aquillaria tree on Phialophora parasitica mould. When the tree is infected, it produces this precious, dark, aromatic resin in the heart of its trunk. Oud and its extracts are very expensive. Its value is estimated as being 1.5 more expensive than gold, so it is also called liquid gold.

He added: “While the local population are big consumers of premium perfumes, another big factor driving the luxury perfume market in the region is the thriving tourism industry. Tourists account for a significant segment of the perfume market, with Montale Perfumes sales at the region's mall retail outlets and other shopping locations further driving spending in this segment. Oriental and local fragrances also have a significant presence in the region, as the markets of the GCC have traditionally been big consumers of Oud, Ittar and other native fragrances. Montale Perfumes have been making their presence felt too, with a range of exotic and designer fragrances that have moved them into the mainstream market.

Montale perfumes, produced in France, have more than 100 fragrances base and 18 factories all over the world.

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