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‘Mission for Health’ Campaign Targets KSA Workers

Posted Mon 25 Mar 2013 10:48:45 am in News, Healthcare | By News Desk

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Dammam, KSA, 24 March 2013 – Over 150 workers from NAPCO Compact packaging group have received specialised health and hygiene training by a member of the Arab Hygiene Council, under Dettol’s ‘Mission for Health’ initiative,  in an effort to prevent the instances of cold, flu and other illnesses amongst the workforce.


The education initiative follows the results of a survey, conducted in September 2012, under the ‘Mission for Health’, which indicated that although the public have some knowledge as to how to prevent the spread of viruses such as cold and flu, further education is needed. The workers, who come from countries including India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka and KSA, attended the interactive training session at the Carlton Al Moaibed Hotel, in an effort to further their education on specific ways to prevent the spread of illness causing germs.


Dr. Eyad Hamed, Arab Hygiene Council, KSA, said: “The cases of preventable illness takes a toll, not only on the person himself, but also the workforce as a whole. Through a study conducted in September last year, it was shown that 38% of respondents took more than two sick days off in the last year due to illness, with a further 7% admitting to missing more than seven days of work in the same time period. Many of these illnesses are preventable and by following the simple recommended steps to maintain a good level of hygiene the spread of  germs can be dramatically reduced.”

Chadi Radi, The General Manager of NAPCO Compact, Dammam, said: “By partnering with Dettol’s ‘Mission for Health’ initiative, our aim is to prevent the spread of illness amongst our employees as much as possible. The health of our the workforce must be taken seriously and the easiest way for us all to play a part is to ensure that we fully understand and follow the basic principles of hand hygiene.”


The ‘Mission for Health’ campaign was launched in August 2012 in an effort to actively improve health and hygiene standards within communities and assist people in making better and more informed choices about their health and hygiene. Last year alone, the ‘Mission for Health’ hand-washing program reached 271,800 children across the Middle East, teaching them the basic but essential steps in effective hand-washing to help them, their friends and their families to stay healthy. This year, the aim is to reach over 1.2million children with the hand-washing program, in addition to community activities such as raising health and hygiene awareness amongst workers.

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