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Jeddah, June 2012: Al Nahdi Medical Co. participated as an official sponsor in the dangers of obesity awareness campaign, which is organized by the Health Affairs Department in Jeddah, under the patronage of HRH Prince Meshal Bin Majed Bin Abdulaziz, The Mayor of Jeddah. The campaign was launched on the 9th of June, 2012, at the Red Sea Mall, under the supervision of Dr. Sami Mohamed Badawood, Manager of the Health Affairs Department in Jeddah, and will continue on for a month.

On that extent, Eng. Hosam Alqurashi Senior Director of Marketing and External Relations of Al Nahdi Medical Co., stated: “We are glad with our participation in this important event, in an age where bad nutrition habits are arising, especially during the summer time, which is known for the spread of such dangerous habits and nutrition disorder”

“We aim through our continued support to such activities to focus on applying Al Nahdi’s strategic vision (Community Centric), and supporting the medical sector in setting the awareness and medical programs that serves individuals and communities, which will reflects positively on the company’s vision, “Be and be recognized as the pioneers in helping communities live a healthier and more beautiful life”. He added on.

In the welcome speech that was given by Dr. Sami Badawood at the ceremony, he thanked the audience and the sponsoring companies from the private sector, and he also pointed out the important role of these companies have in supporting the directions of the public sector and its efforts in executing programs that will serve the community.

The ceremony has witnessed the presence of a cultural musical group who provided a number of entertaining segments that attracted attention and participation from the audience. Under the supervision of the Health Ministry, a number of specialists are offering various services as blood pressure testing, weight and height, and check sugar level for a week at the Red Sea Mall since the first day of the launch, through specialized fully equipped small rooms inside the Mall.

Later on, Prince Meshal welcomed all the companies that are supporting the campaign, at his office headquarters in Makkah, where His Highness thanked the companies including Al Nahdi Medical institute, where Eng. Hossam Al Qurashy, the Marketing and Exterior Relations General Manager, received an honorary shield from His Highness on behalf of Al Nahdi Medical CEO, Dr. Bandar Hamwa.

It is worth pointing out that Al Nahdi Medicals is a leading company in selling and distributing medicines and children equipments, which started in 1986 as a leading company in the Pharmaceutical sector in the Kingdom, Al Nahdi has participated in a wide range of various social responsibility programs and activities that are related to health affairs.

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