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Flights to be rescheduled during Dubai Airshow

Posted Thu 10 Nov 2011 10:03:25 am in News, Business | By News Desk

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Travellers queue at the Emirates counter at Dubai International Airport Terminal 3. Several flights have been rescheduled during the Dubai Airshow, which runs from Sunday until Thursday.

Dubai: Flights will be rescheduled and airspace closed as part of safety measures during the Dubai Airshow, which starts on Sunday.

The Dubai Civil Aviation Authority will close the airspace between 2.15 and 5.15pm on each day of the show, which runs until next Thursday at the Airport Expo.

Each day 148 flights will be rescheduled through Dubai International Airport, comprising 68 arrivals and 80 departures.

"During the Dubai Airshow temporary flight restrictions will be put into effect to ensure that nothing enters the radius of airspace needed for the show," Mohammad Ahli, Director General of the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority, told Gulf News.

"The airspace will be closed with a waiver in effect for three hours daily."

Ahli pointed out that an already difficult task was made harder because the airport is busy with returning Haj pilgrims at this time of year.

But he said plenty of warning was given to airlines to move flights outside the required three hours.

‘Safe experience'

"There's a lot of stress, as there is with any job," Ahli said.

"We have to make sure it's a safe experience for the performers and safe for the spectators on the ground."

Some airlines have chosen to cancel flights while others have taken the option of rescheduling, according to Ahli, who added that a 30 minute window within the three hours was being provided for Emirates departures and arrivals. "At the same time, the departure would be part of the show acts," he said.

Restrictions will also be in effect for rehearsals in the lead-up to the event, but only for 90 minutes, with 33 arrivals and 36 departures affected.

On the day of the show, air traffic controllers will monitor radar screens showing a green neon circle to mark the restricted zone.

"Despite the closure of the airspace, the controllers will be looking for any aircraft that appear to be approaching the circle," Ahli said.

Emirates has announced earlier check-in times for flights between 1 and 5pm on the days of the show.

Passengers in all classes are required to check in no later than 90 minutes before the scheduled departure time, and late passengers will not be accepted.

In addition, boarding gates will close 50 minutes prior to the revised scheduled times of departure to ensure flights leave on time.

Detailed plan

Mohammad Mattar, Emirates divisional senior vice-president for airport services, said: "To ensure on-time departures during the Dubai Airshow, Emirates is implementing a strict check-in and boarding policy.

"We are committed to delivering our passengers to their destinations on time and have put into action a detailed plan to ensure our flights depart within their allocated slots.

"Emirates is updating all affected bookings with the changes to check-in times and these details will also be reflected in our reservations systems.

"In addition, Emirates has advised all travel agents handling individual passenger bookings of the changes for onward communication to their clients. Customers will also be able to check affected flights through our dedicated Emirates website."

Source: gulfnews 

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